The Minigames server is now live!
SurvuvalGames - SkyWars - BedWars - Hide & Seek - PaintBall - TNTRun are now working.
Other games and extra maps will soon be added. have fun playing on Alysaa

Public Server
Started by AlysaaKobe

Hello Player!

The server is not yet released to the public, But server is online and can be joined to look and test. We are looking for staff/mods! Please contact me if you are interested, we would be very happy to get you on our team! Togheter we make alysaa a place thats safe and fun for our playerbase! due to the lack of good server hardware the Minigames server will be taken offline with no ETA! we hope that you like our network and help us out on how the server needs to grow. 

Alysaa Team

3 months ago